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Our Dogs

Meet our dogs! We have some beautiful Mumma Dogs who produce stunning puppies.

Have a read about each of our girls and see some of the beautiful puppies they have had.

About us

Our passion is to breed the perfect family pet, build a community and involve my family in this beautiful process of breeding dogs. I have a son Tommy who is 4.5 years old, a daughter Lettie who is 3 years old, a daughter Hallie born September 2023 and a loving husband, Jake. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bridie and our beautiful Poodle Stud, Chester. We breed Cavoodles, we do have F1b Cavoodles available at times. We believe these breeds stand out as the perfect family pet.

We read each application carefully for people looking at our litters, as it is our priority that our puppies are going to the best homes.

At Oodles of Love it is not just my face (Kaitie) that makes things happen. I have a supportive family that love on our dogs and puppies just as much. Have a look below of some of our partners here at Oodles of Love and their Doggies that are part of our breeding program.

Kaitie Sampson

HI! I am the founder of Oodles of Love. I am a young Mum who loves my three young kids. I live on acreage and love my Dogs. I have a hard working supportive Husband who champions me in this business. I am wanting to be able to be there for my kids and provide for them. Tommy loves running around with the dogs, getting into bed with them and chasing them around the house. Lettie loves making sure the puppy grass mats get cleaned properly and that every puppy knows her voice. Baby Hallie has been surrounded by dogs and puppies since she was born. She will be our next puppy handler! I have a passion for dog nutrition, the importance of puppy socialisation and equipping owners.

Chloe Sampson

I’m Chloe and this is my baby girl Maple. Maple is more human than dog at times, she brings me so much joy. I love training Maple to do her tricks. Maple is going to make a fantastic Mummy. We hope that she will be having Puppies next year. She has a personality of loving people (especially the men). I have fallen in love with being apart of bringing Puppies into the world. I love reading the applications and seeing where are Puppies will be going.

Melinda and Nathan Sampson

We are Nathan and Mel and these are our furbabies Clover (Left) and Juniper (Right). We never thought we would become such avid dog lovers, but when we discovered the Cavalier Breed, we quickly fell in love. We are now the people that wait for the new dog accessories to arrive in the mail. Our girls are the highlight to our days and bring so much joy. When our girls are of age we can’t wait to see them be Mums. They have such loving personalities. We enjoy every aspect of having Puppies around, from the birth to the toilet training and watching them grow.


It is very important to us that our dogs are raised in a loving family environment. All of our girls used for breeding are either our loving family pets, or they are in a loving guardian home. This means they get lots of attention, loving home life and never have to be re-homed. We have a wonderful guardian program and love the role our guardian homes play in our program. If you’d like to know more about being a Guardian Home or want to fill out an application please send us an email.


Your puppy can be left alone, to help your dog become calm and confident, we recommend that you begin training your puppy to enjoy being alone straight away.  However, if you have doubts about whether you’re ready for a puppy please complete this ‘Are you ready for a Dog’ Quiz. If you adopt a puppy from Oodles of Love, we will supply you with your very own puppy booklet, which has all the information of the best things for your new family member.

Cavoodles can have one of three coats. For your benefit we have included a link about the three different coats. All coats are nil-minimal shedding. Click Here.


Our Cavalier Mums range in size. They range from 6kg to 11kg. The Cavalier Breed are shorter and more stocky, compared to the Poodle Breed.

Our Father Poodle ‘Chester’ is a Toy Poodle. He is 27cm tall and 4.3kg.

This does not mean that our first generation Cavoodles will be a “Toy” sized dog. Cross breeds range in varying sizes. Please be aware that “Teacup” sizing is not a recognised breed size. We also can only provide a range on the Puppies growth, birth weight and size of the puppy at 8 weeks is not completely indicative of their adult size.

Please be prepared that First generation Cavoodles can range from 4-10kg ranging from 25cm-40cm tall.

It is important to us that our potential buyers have done their research. Please have a read of the link below regarding buying a puppy.


Why choose us?

Raised with Love

Our puppies are have our full love and attention for the eight weeks they're with us. Their dog Mums nurture them in their early weeks and we support their growth with love, training and dedication.

Socialisation program

We are passionate about raising emotionally intelligent dogs. We follow their development week to week to make sure we are utilising their socialisation window.

Family business

We are family owned and run. Everything we do from breeding, meet and greets to websites and social media, it's all us, all in house. We work hard to support our family and other local businesses.

equipping families

We work closely with you as the family. Face to face meet and greets, to answer all your questions. Detailed emails to help you prepare for your new puppy. We also provide support once your puppy is home!

dog training

We believe in positive and fear free dog training. We work alongside dog trainers to keep expanding our knowledge. We start foundational training here in the first eight weeks.

Dog nutrition

What your dog eats is very important. Quality food and diversity, helps quality of life and reduces risks of diseases. Food plays a role in behavior and enrichment. This is a priority in our program.

RIGHTPAW Application!

Oodles of Love is proudly a Verified RightPaw Breeder. This means we have been interviewed and verified that we adhere to their Code of Ethics within all aspects of our breeding program. We love that RightPaw has a detailed application process which enables us to get to know you as a potential puppy home. Please click the link to take you to the Applications.

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